About Homeopathic Medicines

About Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines can be explained under the following sub categories as well :

1. Sources of Homeopathic Medicines   View  
2. Method of preparation of Homeopathic Medicines
3. Therapeutic applications
4. Adverse or Side effects

1. Sources of Homeopathic Medicines :   View  

2. Method of preparation : Potentization :
Homeopathic medicines are essentially nano-medicines or molecular medicines. The original drug substance is used in extremely minute quantities to prepare a given Homeopathic medicine. The method of preparing Homeopathic medicines is called potentization. In this method, one part of the original drug substance (say, 0.1 mg of a substance/salt) is mixed with 99 parts (9.9 mg) of a suitable carrier (say lactose) and shaken vigorously by a special device that converts the preparation into 1c potency or power. One part (0.1 mg) of the 1c preparation is then mixed with 99 parts (9.9 mg) of the carrier and the process of potentization is repeated to prepare the 2c potency. This process is continued until the required potency is reached. Standard potencies of Homeopathic medicines are 30c, 100c, 200c, 1000c, 10K, 50K, etc. So we can very well imagine why there are no side effects of Homeopathic Medicines.

3. Therapeutic application of Homeopathic medicines :
The clinical application of Homeopathic medicines is based on the Law of Similars. All Homeopathic medicines are tested on "only healthy human beings" by a method that is similar to clinical trials, before its therapeutic use. Further, their application is governed by certain fixed naturals laws and principles.

4. Adverse effects of Homeopathic medicines :
Due to the very nature of preparation of Homeopathic medicines i.e Potentization as explained earlier, these medicines do not cause any adverse effects.   View  

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