FAQ's about Psoriasis

1. What is the role of stress in Psoriasis ?

8 out of every 10 patients have a recent emotional stress behind Psoriasis flare up.

2. What are the factors responsible for causing Psoriasis ?

It runs in family. It is an auto-immune disease.   More

3. How to control itching during Psoriasis ?

Dryness is known to increase itching. Along with medicines and good skin moisturizer as per the advice of your family doctor, you can always reduce itching considerably.

4. How to diagnose Psoriasis ?

Almost always Psoriasis can be identified by simple examination of skin or skin biopsy.

5. Do exposure to Sun or Phototherapy help to reduce Psoriasis ?

UV rays help to reduce Psoriatic patches. But beware of sun burns.

6. What are the factors responsible for flaring Psoriasis ?

Any thing that effects immune system can flare up Psoriasis.   More

7. Is Psoriasis life threatening ?

No. But few types like Pustular and Erythromatous Psoriasis may at times need immediate hospitalization. So it is always advisable to remain in touch with your family doctor during the treatment.

8. Can Psoriasis increase ones Blood Pressure ?

Yes, in some cases blood pressure may rise appreciably.

9. What are the medicines that can flare up Psoriasis ?

Medicines for blood pressure, pain killer and anti-psychitric drugs are known to flare up Psoriasis.   More

10. How to get more information about Psoriasis ?

We at Dr. Singla's Homeopathy are all ears and ready to help with a smile. You may drop your query at   Query Form

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