FAQ's about Chikungunya

1. What is Chikungunya ?

Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted through mosquito bites. It is usually seen in tropical areas like in Indian sub continent of Asia and African countries.   More

2. Who can be infected with Chikungunya ?

Irrespective of any age and sex who so ever is bitten by the culprit mosquito can get infected with Chikungunya virus. The virus infection can be serious to newly born babies and old people especially who are diabetic and hyprtensive.

3. What are the specific symptoms of Chikungunya ?

Like other viral diseases Chikungunya symptoms are high grade fever, rashes, nausea, redness of eyes but with severe debilitating joint pains. If left untreated, joint pains can persist for months long after recovery from it.   More

4. After infection, how much time symptoms take to appear ?

Chikungunya symptoms are seen after 1 to 12 days of infection from mosquito bite. The symptoms get worse in case of old people and during 1st year after birth .

5. What is the available treatment for Chikungunya ?

Presently there are no vaccines or spacific medicines for treatment of Chikungunya. Specific Symptomatic treatment is given to reduce the symptoms and pain.

6. How to prevent Chikungunya infection ?

Chikungunya is transmitted by mosquito bite. So by taking various steps to minimize mosquito breeding in and around your house and to save yourself from mosquito bite is the only effective preventions.   More

7. Can I get Chikungunya from another person ?

No. Direct human to human transmission of Chikungunya is not possible. The disease is transmitted from one person to another only through mosquito bites.

8. Is Chikungunya a fatal disease ?

No. Human immune system is capable of recovering from this disease in almost all cases. But it might take a while for the symptoms to disappear, especially the joint pains. But he risk is higher for older people with diabetes and hypertension or in newly born babies.

9. What is the impact of Chikungunya infection during pregnancy ?

Pregnant woman can get Chikungunya infection at any stage of pregnancy. The chances of passing the infection to fetus is very less. If the pregnant woman is infected at the time of delivery, the virus can be transmitted to the new born child. If a new born is infected, the risk is considerably higher. So it is important to ensure that in Chikungunya areas pregnant woman is protected from mosquito bite.

10. Is it ok to breast feed if the mother is infected with Chikungunya ?

Currently there is no evidence that Chikungunya virus is transmitted through breast milk. Again the best defence for the child is to use mosquito nets and repellents to reduce the risk of mosquito bite.

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