I am a college student and suddenly pimples appeared on my face, back, shoulders and chest and were painful and ugly looking especially on face. I went to Dr Anoop Singla for treatment and was told that as long as dandruff on head was there, pimples would not be treated fully. After taking medicine for two months my pimples are gone and head is free from white powder. Thanks to Dr Singla's Homoeopathy for treating the root cause of acne in my case. Regards.

Nitin, Ladwa

My father is 78 years old. He was advised to get his enlarged prostate operated. he has to get up 4-5 times in the night to pass urine. We consulted Dr. Anoop Singla for homeopathic treatment. After a gap of 15 days urine flow gained strength and now he has to get up once in night. Residual urine in bladder has decreased signicantly. Thanks to Dr Anoop.

Manu, Kurukshetra
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