Management of Psoriasis
Managenet and treatment of-psoriasis with homeopathy

1. Stay well informed about Psoriasis : This single step will help you to tackle Psoriasis in well decisive manner. Ask your doctor, collect max info about Psoriasis and clear all your doubts. Remember knowledge is a graet power.
2. Stay hydrated : Drink plenty of water
3. Stay Positive
4. Stress Management : Stress buster exrcises and Yoga can help a lot as it is one of the most important factor responsible to flare up Psoriais. As it is a chronic disease with recurrence one should control the anxiety levels by being well informed. 8 out of every 10 cases of Psoriasis flare ups has a history of stress.
5. Sunlight / Phototherapy : Exposure to Sun Light dramitically improves Psoriasis. Be alert for Sun Burns as Psoriatic skin is extra sensative.
6. Warm water bath : Warm water bath helps to soften the skin and lift the Psoriatic Plaques.
7. Better Life style : Exercise regularly. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol.
8. Good Sleep : It is always a good idea to have good sleep as it lowers stress and anxiety levels. At the same time blood pressure remains in control.
9. Moisturizers : Quality moisturizers (such as petrolatum jelly) that suits ones skin can certainly help Psoriatic skin from developind more plaques.
10. Healthy Diet : Healthy, nutritious and non-spicy diet can always help in keeping skin diseases calm.
11. Allergies/Infections : Save as much as you can from allergens and infections as it will help you to keep your immune system calm.
12. Be vigilant : Always tell your doctor that you have/had history of Psoriasis before taking any medicines. Keep a watch on your nails and joints. Make a list of factors flaring up your Psoriasis and viceversa. Try to create your own Psoriasis profile.
13. Avoid skin trauma
14. Use a humidifier
15. Regular and persistent Medication : Take medicine regularly as per the advice of your family doctor. Don't get dis-heartened if some times one does not get favourable results. Give medicines some time to act.

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