What is Psoriasis ?
Homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis

It is an autoimmune disease typically characterized by patches with silver flakes. These patches of abnormal skin are the result of rapid build of dead cells on skin surface resulting in redness and pruritis. It runs in families.
Sex : Psoriasis occurs equally both in males and females.
Age Group : It may occur in children or adults.
Pathology : T-Cells present in human body attack the healthy skin considering it as an infection or to heal a wound. Healthy human skin cells, which grow deep in the skin, take about a month to rise to the surface, where they die and are sloughed off. Psoriatic plaques are raised as a result of over production of cells to skin surface at a very fast pace (5 to 10 times faster than normal) along with redness and irritation.
Signs and Symptoms :
Skin : Inflamed skin Plaques with itching, redness, covered with loose silver scales. Skin cracks with or without bleeding.
Nails : Pits formation, discoloration, crumbling, excessive growth or even detachment from nail bed.
Joints : Pain and swelling.
Location : It may occur on scalp, face, neck, limbs, palms, soles, trunk, skin folds, genetalia, joints or nails.

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